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Zakynthos's Listings


  • John Stirling September 3, 2023

    The other reviews seem a bit 'placed' so I thought I'd give a true 'we're here right now' review. Drinks are AMAZING, food is really good, with very much chef's interpretation of some well known dishes. Wasn't all for me, as I like simplicity, but respect to the effort. Use high quality olives though, this is Greece, and the olives in my greek salad were literally identical to the ones I buy in the supermarket in the uk, and not as good as those I buy on the market in the uk.

    Prices are reasonable for what it is, which is high end casual dining. There are €2k bottles of wine on the menu, and whilst I'm tempted, I'm not going to buy them, so I don't know how good the wine menu really is. But it looks amazing.

    Service is superb, it's that invisible service that is just there when you need it, best service in Zakynthos. Possibly far further.

  • Tony May 19, 2023

    Amazing place, comfortable and brand new apartments situated in the best location of the island.

  • Yanina April 18, 2023

    Cool place! Amazing waterfront location, Nice decor and vibe. Great menu selection with plenty of food choices from Mediterranean specialties, Mexican tacos and Asian dishes including sushi.
    Extensive Greek and International wine list , Also great cocktails.

  • Ernest July 16, 2022

    Most of the promenade restaurants in Zakynthos offer frozen squid, marinate anchovies etc., from the store. For example, Spartakos offers marinate anchovies that are sold in the next store(50m)!!! More than shameless. This new place Raw bar Manoo is different, here the food is real hand preperade, has its own note, fresh. It is really a journey of taste. I recommend this place to everyone!!Yes,price is not as per frozine food from restourand in the neighborhood, but it's worth it.